Monday, January 3, 2011


Most commentators agree that we live in a litigious world and whenever an error or omission occurs, particularly if it results in a financial loss, the party that has suffered (including their insurers and legal advisors) will look to the offending party or parties to recover. The net that is thrown in such circumstances is increasingly wide and it is becoming common for all those involved (or potentially involved) to be named in any legal action. Even if the claim is spurious, the cost of defending such actions can be considerable.
Here at Focused Consulting Limited we are mindful of how this trend could affect our temporary employees personally and we have therefore made specific provision within our insurance arrangements so as to include professional indemnity insurance for our temporary employees in respect of their work on any Focused Consulting Limited authorised assignment – except those working on nursing and any other health or care related assignments.

Your inclusion in the Scheme will continue on a weekly basis, with cover expiring at 23.59pm on each Friday. Cover however will be renewed automatically for subsequent periods of one week provided you continue to contribute 97p per week for professional indemnity insurance.

A summary of the policy is available upon request.
If the worst happens, please take particular note of the following:
 If any formal claim for negligence is made against you or if you become aware of any circumstance that might lead to a claim for negligence being made against you or if you become aware of any allegation (verbal or written) alleging negligence, then you must immediately notify our insurance broker in writing as follows:
Saint John's Insurance Limited,2 Fontana Mansions, Bisazza Street, Malta , SLM 15
Saint John's Insurance Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
 Saint John's Insurance Limited will ask you to complete an indemnity report form so that the matter can be processed and they will then liaise with Focused Consulting Limited appropriately on all future matters concerning the claim.
 You should never admit responsibility for any claim or submit any written statement about it unless authorised to do so in writing by Saint John's Insurance Limited.
 If in doubt as to what constitutes a claim or claims circumstance, you should also contact Saint John's Insurance Limited.

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