Monday, January 3, 2011

The Partner-agent model of insurance delivery

Where a partnership cannot be formed then the micro-insurance provider should approach donor agencies to sponsor training programs or provide insurance experts to overcome their technical deficiencies and develop local competence. ICMIF as well providing potential partnerships with members, can be a training partner for the micro-insurance provider. Since 1963, the development function of ICMIF has a long and successful history of providing technical assistance and supporting popularly based organisations to set up their own insurance programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America. There are numerous experts available from member organisations who can provide advice through short-term and long-term assignments and moderate educational workshops. The diversified range of members enables the micro-insurance provider at any stage of development to benefit from advice on solutions to overcome problems in pricing, operational structure, distribution, marketing and payments. The federation also facilitates study visits and staff exchange amongst members. Additionally a number of the federation’s established members provide assistance to micro-insurance programs directly:

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