Monday, January 3, 2011

ICMIF Members working with microfinance organisations in developing countries

ICMIF Member
Country Countries provided with expertise and support
Folksam Sweden Latvia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Guatemala
FNMF France Mali, Senegal, Morocco, Lebanon, Poland and Hungary
MACIF France Cameroon, Tunisia and Senegal
NTUC INCOME Singapore China, Taiwan and Philippines
Développement international Desjardins Canada Mali, Vietnam, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso

Source: ICMIF (2001b).
ICMIF also provides a number of services that can support the micro-insurance provider to grow into a fully-fledged insurance company and maintain its co-operative identity. Management training can be provided through the use of specially developed simulation games in the areas of insurance and reinsurance. The ICMIF co-operative management course trains participants in the roles and responsibilities of a co-operative manager and board member, it tackles the issues of corporate governance and how co-operative and mutual principles can positively impact business results and policyholder welfare. Recently implemented in Ghana and the Philippines is a software program to facilitate accounting, claims processing, reserving, life insurance and reinsurance accounting, as well as providing an information database. This specifically tackles the information needs of a micro-insurer and is easily adaptable to any scheme or environment.

Professional networking groups, made up of experts from various ICMIF member organizations meet regularly to discuss, analyze and understand current trends and issues. The networks encompass the field of investments, IT, pensions, marketing, distribution, customer satisfaction, assistance and outsourcing. They provide an opportunity for smaller members to access experts for knowledge to apply within their own business environment. For example, the ICMIF Investment Network has put forward its best performing mutual funds and investment managers’ expertise to enable other member organisations to cross invest in foreign markets. Even the smallest insurers can now gain access to a well-managed international portfolio of mutual funds and investment advice to maximize the return on their surplus.

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